Reconciliation accounts ensure that data from a subledger account flows seamlessy to SAP General Ledger, its normally you can’t direct posting to reconciliation account to preserve the integrity of data passed from subledger, but you need to do direct posting to reconciliation account is necessary in Fixed Asset Accounting because during migration SAP General Ledger and the Asset Sub Ledger are updated separately.

Even though it is not possible to change the reconciliation setting on an asset account in General Ledger master after posting have been made, you can bypass using two methods. First you can use ABF1 transaction and the second method you can use OAMK SAP Transaction.

The setting are made by company code, select company code that you want to change and click Change control of Reconciliation Account folder that action will open new screen, in this screen you can choose the account you want to set as reconciliation account or allows you to remove this setting.

The accounts that appear on the list are the balance sheet accounts that have been configured in A090 transaction, you just click on button Set Reconciliation ind for All Accounts to put reconciliation indicator on G/L Account or you can click button Delete Reconciliation Ind For All Accts to delete indicator reconciliation accounts.

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