Do you know a company can receive hundreds of invoices a day, but normally the invoice processing transaction allows the user to enter only one invoice at the time. This is a time consuming job, but in SAP we could posting multiple invoices on single screen.

How to mass posting SAP Invoices, use SAP transaction MIRA or the following menu path:

SAP -> Logistics -> Material Management -> Logistics Invoice Verification -> Document Entry -> Enter Invoice For Invoice Verification in The Background

The screen shows the details looks like on the single entry transaction MIRO, but the difference is that transaction allows you enter multiple purchasing documents at one time in the MULTIPLE ASSGMNT VIEW.


You can entered purchasing documents in Multiple Assgmnt section. execute the transaction won’t post the invoice immediately but schedules the invoice verifications to be performed as a background process.

To Process the background verification, set up daily job that run at night to process invoices, run the program RMBABG00 via SE38 SAP transaction code. you can entered parameter on this program and let’s the SAP System process the posting invoices.


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