There are three line items for all main account types : general ledger account, vendor account and customer account, the transaction code are listed here :

1.FBL1N is vendor line-items report

2.FBL3N is General Ledger account line-items report

3.FBL5N is Customer Line items report.

Technically, All line items report look very similar, All report based on logical database : SDF for General Ledger Accounts, KDF for customer account ( account receivables ) and LDF for vendor ( account payables ).

All of three report use same function group FI_ITEMS for report output and FI_ITEMS_DISPLAY is used for ALV output.


BTE Event 1640

In this article we will explain how to change result list header and footer of line items report by using BTE Event 1640 ( Line Item Display : Additional Header Lines ). This BTE Event is called only when output is formatted using ALV List and not called in ALV Grid Formatted List.

We assume you know how to implement SAP BTE ( Business Transaction Event ), Ok go to FIBF Transaction code and setting up all BTE needed. After all setup finished you can paste this code into BTE Function module.

We put header text into FBL3N ( GL Account Report ) only. This is the result if you open FBL3N.


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