If you have several new storage location and you need to extend material master view, you can collective extend several materials to those new locations.

In any business environment, organizational structure are added and removed, All of this requires you have to maintain material master extension in the most efficient which is time consuming.

There are several ways to extend storage location view starting with one by one process using MM02 transaction or MM50 for mass-extend material master view. To extend the material master storage location view in quick and simple way run SAP transaction MMSC.


On initial screen, enter the material number and the plant number you want to extend storage location, please check List All Existing Storage Locations because it show you where the material is already extended so you can avoid unnecesary duplicate entry attempts.

Create Change Documents is very important for ALE distribution data because it’s required, Please remember the one of restriction for this transaction is that you have to have at least one storage location view already extended during material master creation using MM01 SAP transaction.

Press Enter if you have completed the relevant information on initial screen,  you’ll see the list of storage location already maintained.


Entered storage location in the SLOC column and press ENTER, if you want to copy all the data including BIN ( Storage Bin ) . For example if you entered 0002 storage location in copy from column , it’s used as source of extension data for location ZB01 in column Sloc.

If any of your data has changed and you need to make adjustments you cannot use MMSC SAP Transaction again, you need to use MM17 or MM02 to make corrections individually.

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