SAP Physical inventory counts can be very straightforward if the warehouse isn’t processing movements and the counters have as much time as the need to complete the count, however modern warehouse can operate 24 hours a day and it’s impossible to stop all inventory movements while the count take place.

To minimize this fluctuation you can trigger the system to freeze the inventory level until the count is posted.

How to Freeze The Book Inventory

To freeze the book inventory in storage location during physical inventory count, use the following configuration.


So that the book inventory is frozen and isn’t changed during physical inventory count, As soon as the inventory document posted.

The warehouse can still performs all normal functions despite the book inventory balance is frozen, the book inventory balance is only important to the inventory documents.


Configuring the storage location freeze the book inventory while the physical inventory count is performed means that the count is compared against the amount in the storage location when the count is compared against the book inventory plus any changes that have been made due the inventory movements.

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