In some of business case of MM ( Material Management ), you need to make all field in commitment item in SAP Change Purchase Requisition ( ME52N ) to be read only based on condition.

You can configure most of field of SAP Purchase Requisition ( ME52N ) to be  input or read only through SPRO Configuration but SPRO have a limit, it can’t  control all field on Commitment Item Tab.

For this case , i will use example : User cannot change commitment Item data  in purchase Requisition ( Preq ) document after that particular Preq document has been released 5 ( EBAN-BANPR )

Basically, SAP Preq ( ME52N ) commitment item field always input-able although all other field read only. but you can control it by creating an enhancement point  .


You need to create enhancement point which located in KACB Function Group and LKACBF01 Include program and in feldmodifikation_normal subroutine.


You can see on the picture above, I create enhancement-point and put ths code:

Note : You need to modify data ( L_COBLF-INPUT = 0 ) in internal table GT_COBLF .

Then the result is :



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