In this article we will focus on discussing how to use search help exit and we hope you understand how to make search help.

For example we will create search help ZSH_AFNAM, this search help will select data from table let’s say ZTBMM007. this table contain two fields  AFNAM ( Requitioner ) and name of requisitioner. user can insert new data into this custom table.

This search help will be used when we create purchase requistion. and this search help will be attached with field AFNAM ( Requisitioner ) so user can select data from this search help.

how to create search help exit

1.Go to SE37 and copy function module F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE to ZFM_AFNAM_SHLP_EXIT.  and below is the ABAP source code.

We use Step DISP, why ? because during this step, select data is selected before displayed  on search help. internal table RECORD_TAB contain list data on our search help.

You can refresh RECORD_TAB internal table then insert with new data based on your condition. and please use function module F4UT_RESULTS_MAP to insert new data into RECORD_TAB, do not use manual CONCATENATE your data into RECORD_TAB-STRING .. APPEND . eventhough not error but you only get blank search help when you open this search help later.

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