SAP BW Tutorial – In SAP Netweaver BW with the scenarios of architected data mart with multiple DSO loads into a single Infoprovider using extensive coding, this modelling lead into data redudancy and overhead in developing and supporting.

To make simpler for this scenario, SAP Netweaver BW System provide with good feature, this is we called Composite Providers this provider give us more flexibility in Infoprovider modelling and can be great for data marts scenarios. This tip will show you how yo use composite Providers in SAP Netweaver BW and also describe some of options for combining data from Infoprovider ( Infocubes, DSO, master data attributes etc ).

If you using SAP HANA database or BW Accelerator using Composite Infoproviders is  mandatory. We’ll explain step by step using Composite Provider.

  1. Run RSLIMOBW transaction in SAP Netweaver BW System.
  2. Enter name of Composite Provider and click CREATE.
  3. Select Infoprovider you want to model Composite Provider from left side screen/pane and drag drop into right side/pane.
  4. Popup screen will show and you need to choose UNION or JOIN as Binding Type. Union is data union of basic Infoproviders to combine data without using fields as condition for the relation. JOIN is data intersection of the base Infoproviders and build combining data with join condition of some fields.
  5. You can select UNION as Binding Type.
  6. Select fields from the Infoprovider and drag drop to the composite Provider.


In the INSERT OBJECT popup screen select JOIN from the Binding Type and click continue, and select fields from Infoprovider add to the composite Provider.


If you want to change type of join right click on the Infoprovider and click ON Connect As , and change as you want per your requirement. All Navigational attributes in Infoprovider will show as characteristic fields.

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