This case is used to checked material by quality departement, normally goods receipt process is the vendor send the stock to the plant, receive it and then test it prior to its being used in production, if the material is not pass the quality check then it will have to be returned to the vendor, those process can be time consuming and could delay production for waiting suitable material.

Efficiently the company should test the material at the vendor site prior then if the material is passed quality checked then the material can be shipped to the company. In SAP System this process can be achieved by performing goods receipt into valuated blocked stock. This means that goods receipt is performed and generates an accounting document as the stock become the company property although it has not been delivered.

To perform a goods receipt while the material is still at the vendor site use transaction MIGO. The goods receipt is performed for purchase order, Instead using movement type 101, the receipt should be performed using movement type 107.


The movement type 107 receives the material into a type of stock called valuated blocked stock. This means the items are received and an accounting document is generated but the goods are not delivered to the customer.

The items can remain in valuated blocked stock until they’re tested and allowed to be shipped to the customer. However if items not passed quality inspection, the customer can be reversed valuated blocked stock using movement type 108.

If the material is pass quality inspection, the customer should create another goods receipt using movement type 109 to move the material from valuated blocked stock to unrestricted stock.

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