We have one table for example ZTBMM007, this table has several columns, where there are 2 columns i.e HKONT (GL Account) and TEXT (Description GL Account). For the case is we want after filling HKONT then the TEXT column will be filled automatically.
The solution is we can use Table maintenance events.

1.First step you need create table maintenance view for your table via table maintenance generator. go to SE11 and enter your table for this sample we will use ZTBMM007 table and click change. Go to menu Utilities->Table Maintenance Generator .

table maintenance event abap

2. Click menu Environment -> Modification -> Events. then create two FORM Routine with table maintenance events 01 and 02.

table maintenance event abap2

Source Code F_BEFORE_SAVE., populate field automatically only call when ACTION – NEW Entry or CHANGE.

Source Code F_AFTER_SAVE for COMMIT.





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