You may meet complex business reporting requirement and it is also required complex modelling scenarios in SAP Netweaver BW. Typically modelling some of these complex scenarios would require creating multiple layers of DSO, Writing code in the transformation to manage complex relationship within the data. These old approaches could ver difficult to implement and support.

SAP Netweaver BW have the best feature, it is APD ( Analysis Process Designer ) which is a very efficient data modeling object because it helps to identify the complex relationship between those data in simple way.

For example we’ll use existing Infocube with an account based model, The Infocube shows project budget data, and the budget amount for each fiscal period is stored in separate record so there will be one record for each fiscal period. We will use APD to convert this model to a key figure model where the budget amount for the year is shown on a single record.

  1. Go to RSANWB Transaction in SAP Netweaver BW System, Right Click on GENERAL in the ANALYSIS PROCESS column and choose Create.
  2. Select field for which you want to enter filter conditions in the Filter Selection tab and entered name of the filter condition in Filter Condition tab.
  3. In the next screen use drag and drop to join WBS master data and cube data.


Click on the Aggregation icon on the screen, select fields to be used in the formation groups and the field for values to be aggregated.

Select the fields that can be used for conversion of the account model to the key figure model in the Details tab of list-> Data Record Transform as shown. in this example we will use Fiscal Period and Amount as the fields will be used to derive the key figure model.


In the details tab assign a DATA RECORD FIELD to each combination of a TRANSPOSITION FIELD with the transformation field values.


Assign the SOURCE STRUCTURE FIELD to the TARGET STRUCTURE fields in the transformation.


When APD job is executed , the data in the data target is displayed as shown .


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