This is common requirement to change structure of infocube with data content, but SAP Netweaver BW 7.0 have new feature called remodeling. it’s efficient and solves the issue of changing the structure of the infocube even in production environment without any data loss.

This example you want to delete a key figure from an infocube using remodeling rule to change the structure of the infocube.

  1. Go to RSA1 transaction in the SAP Netweaver BW System.
  2. Right click on an infocube you want to change from list of infoproviders, and select ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS and then REMODELLING.


3. Create remodelling rule with ZDEL_KF technical name, entered short description and click Transfer to continue.


On the next screen click + icon button to add new rule then new screen will show, in this screen you need to select the name of the key figure to delete and click TRANSFER. The remodeling rule can have more than one operation.


Click the SAVE icon to save your rule and click SCHEDULE button to schedule the rule to be executed. The scheduling setting screen will show you can select START IMMEDIATELY to execute job or you can start later to schedule the job if the data is huge.

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