Your organization use serial numbers for internal and external purposes. You have to update this data periodically to make sure that warranty is up-to-date. This article we will show you how to search for the serial number record that need to be updated and helps to maintain all aspects of the serialized materials in one easy to manage way.

You can list serial number of record for your materials using IQ08 SAP Transaction code or follow SAP menu path.

Logistics->Customer Service->Management of Technical Objects->Serial Numbers->List Editing->Change


Like the SAP Reports, selection parameters on the first screen will help make this transaction run properly, you can entered as much as detail possible, when finished with selection data click EXECUTE or press F8. The report list of serial number records will show.


Now you can maintain serial number data, so you need to select data and go to menu Goto->Details or press Ctrl+Shift+F1. this menu will show you the screen for CHANGE EQUIPMENT : Serial Number Detail.


In this screen you can change the serial number data, after you’ve finished change serial number data, press SAVE.

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