When you use MB_MIGO_BADI Method Check_Item you can’t get all line item data, as you see on below screenshot.

mb_migo_badi check_item

As you can see, in CHECK_ITEM Method only have 2 parameter I_LINE_ID and ET_BAPIRET2 , you can’t get all line items data in CHECK_ITEM Method.

So you need to use Method LINE_MODIFY, but before that you need add 2 Attributes in Class of Enhancement Implementation, for this sample we use class

Add 2 Attributes in Enhancement Implementation Class

You need to add 2 Attributes to store data line items in method LINE_MODIFY, so you can read data line items from CHECK_ITEM Method.

ABAP Source code in method LINE_MODIFY to store data all line items to GT_GOITEM.

ABAP Source code in method CHECK_ITEM

Then don’t forget to add clear GT_GOITEM in method POST_DOCUMENT.


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