Integrated planning is used for modelling planning scenario in SAP Netweaver BW. Currently Integrated Planning Data comes from InfoProviders that contain real-time Infocubes. However there are some system and performance drawback using real-time infoproviders, such as reduced read-only performance. and implementing real-time Infocubes with complex dimension, fact and attributes could occurred performance impact.

With SAP Netweaver BW 7.3 SP08 Planning scenario can also be modeled on top of DSO. The basic steps for creating the direct update DSO are the same as creating a regular DSO such as defining KEY FIELDS, DATA FIELDS and NAVIGATIONAL ATTRIBUTES and so on.

To enable DSO for planning you need to maintain value parameter RSPLS_DSO_PLANNING as X in table RSADMIN using SE11 SAP Transaction.


Go to RSA1 SAP Transaction code, and create direct update DSO by clicking the EDIT BUTTON next to TYPE OF DATASTORE OBJECT.

You’ll see THE DATASTORE OBJECT: SELECT Type pop-up screen and select the DIRECT UPDATE checkbox and click CONTINUE.

Another pop-up will appear that says PROPERTY “IN -MEMORY OPTIMIZED  WILL BE RESET  . Click Continue button.


All characteristics are required for planning should be part of the DSO key. In other words only key figures can be part of the data fields of a plan enabled DSO.

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