In SAP Netweaver BW environment where 7.x and 3.x queries exist. a common issue is the conversion of 3.x queries to the 7.x version. For example if you’re changing a 3.x query, and one of the 7.x queries features that is not available the query will be saved as 7.x version.

This tip will show you how to restore accidentally converted 7.x queries back to the 3.x queries version using query backup and the SAP standard query restore utility program without having to recreate the query.

Saved queries or query component can only be edited using the more recent version of the editor. The message appears for any query edited with Query Designer 7.x and opened with Query Designer 3.x.


Any query originally created in the SAP Netweaver BW 3.x system is backed up when this component is opened for editing in Query Designer. but the query originally created in SAP Netweaver BW 7.x have no backup version.

Follow these step to convert a query.

1. Go to transaction SE38, run program COMPONENT_RESTORE.
2. In the following screen, enter the INFOPROVIDER name, select the COMPONENT TYPE and click EXECUTE, the COMPONENT TYPE list all types of components that can be restored,  for this scenario select the REP type that indicates QUERY.


3. In following screen, select the query that has to be restored to version 3.x


4. In this screen click on Yes to confirm the restore, the system will display a success message.

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