The Function Builder ( SE37 ) has an interface that allows you to test function module. Some function modules are required to run one after another, However you can’t run them one by one using classical test methods because some functions in sequence might depend on previous one.

The main difference with using test sequences instead of the normal test is that function modules are run in the same context, using test sequences are especially for BAPI, when you run BAPI you must run function module BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to commit changed into database, otherwise the result are not saved into the database.

Use the following menu path to start test sequences in function builder ( SE37 ) while you’re display or editing function module.


After you run Test Sequences Menu, A popup window open as show on following figure, where you list the function modules that you want to test.


Click the EXECUTE Button on the popup, and test screen opens where you can fill in the test parameter for the first function module, Click EXECUTE to run the function module. after the results are displayed then click BACK and the test screen open for the second function module that you input.

After you finish testing the last function module, SAP System will ask you to save your test sequences, you can access you saved test sequences later with GET SEQUENCES button on popup window where you listed function module.

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