What is SAP Business Partner ?

A SAP Business Partner is an Organization, person or a group of persons or organizations in your company. You can create and manage your business partners centrally for different business transactions. This is of prime interest if a business partner plays different roles for a company, such as sold-to party andship-to party.
You can create a business partner in different business partner roles. During the course of the business relationship, the business partner can also get other business partner roles. You do not need to create the general data, which is independent of a business partner’s function, again for this business partner.
You just add a Role which will contain the relevant information. This prevents data being created and stored redundantly.A Business partner consists of general data (Name, address, bank information etc.) and Role specific infor-mation (e.g. customer / vendor / employee / etc.). these roles are linked to other parts within SAP. When aBP has the role customer the link with the customer / sales sub administration and the general ledger is mandatory. On creation the relevant fields for and links to these areas are made.
SAP Business Partner is optional you can implemented or not, but from 1511 Release SAP HANA, Business Partners is mandatory, and the old transaction code FD01/FD02/FD03 or FK01/FK02/FK03 will not be available anymore, and the BP is the only way to create the customers and vendors.

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