On previous article we discussed about The SAP Enhancement Framework – The Introduction. And on this article we will see more on Explicit Enhancement Point in SAP Enhancement Framework.

What is Explicit Enhancement Point

The explicit enhancement point is predefined hook defined by a developer in SAP Standard program, which you can implement your code into thats SAP standard code.

You can found Explicit Enhancement Point through debugging, SE18 and SPRO tcode but if you know the program you can look the specific point ( ENHANCEMENT-POINT ) .

How to implement Explicit Enhancement Point 

After you in the ABAP Program, you can press  button, after you press that’s button the additional toolbar menu will appear, on this menu you can Create, Change, Replace and Undo your enhancement.

Put your cursor on the ENHANCEMENT-POINT , and press Create on toolbar menu to create new enhancement implementation, the new pop-up screen will be displayed. in this screen you can press button  to create new implementation, or you can access enhancement menu via Edit -> Enhancement Operations -> Create Implementation.

Enter the details of the new enhancement spot implementation name and description. once you have created the new implementation you can implement new logic.

Change Enhancement Spot Implementation  

Once you have created the enhancement spot implementation and you want to change your implementation code, first put your cursor on your enhancement point and then you can do via menu Edit -> Enhancement Operation -> Change Implementation and activate it.

Delete Enhancement Spot Implementation

You can remove your enhancement spot implementation, put your cursor on your enhancement point and then you cna do via menu Edit -> Enhancement Operation -> Undo Impelementation , and don’t forget to activate it.

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