SAP Enhancement Framework – Preface

SAP Release 7.0 the BadI have been included in SAP Enhancement Framework, however the existing classic BadI haven’t automatically been migrated but still have the same status.

SAP Enhancement Framework will replace all customization options that exist to date in the long term that is the user exit and BadI as well as modifications. Using the Enhancement Spot, which identify specific positions of a program or an interface, you can then integrate enhancement at these positions. check the below distinction between explicit and implicit enhancement spots.

  • Explicit Enhancement Spots

Explicit Enhancement spot are positions defined by a developer in advance where enhancement are possible. These are also partly the new BadI which are integrated as enhancement points ( ENHANCEMENT-POINT and ENHANCEMENT-SECTION ), you can view in transaction SE18.

  • Implicit Enhancement Spots

Implicit enhancement spots are positions in program that can always be enhanced. Such a position can be found in various locations such as :

  1. Beginning of the subroutine/Method/FM and Include.
  2. End of subroutine/Method/FM and Include.
  3. Class Enhancement : Pre post/ Overwrite method.
  4. FM Enhancements – Additional Parameters.

Note :

Implicit enhancement spots are automatically available in all programs and their respective routines. In numerous cases, they are ideal options to customize an SAP program if
necessary. Nevertheless, the use of such an enhancement spot is officially still a modification! Only explicit enhancement spots in the form of BAdIs can be used for the “official” enhancement of SAP programs.

Finding Explicit Enhancement Spot

Just like in the case of user exits and classic BadI, you can find explicit enhancement spot in SAP IMG. Or if you found an explicit point ( ENHANCEMENT-POINT or ENHANCEMENT-SECTION ) you can create implementation for that point.

Table of Content – SAP Enhancement Framework.

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