When you create and modify developments objects in ABAP Workbench, the SAP system creates transport request for you to organize your changes, changes that belong the same task are usually put into the same transport request, but when there are many transport requests, it can be difficult to the transport request for an object. I’ll show you how to use Transport Organizer Tools to help you find a specific transport request in this situation.

The Transport Organizer Tools contains complete toolset that help you with issues related to change and manage transport requests. it can be accessed via transaction code SE03. In this Transport Request Tools you can use the SEARCH FOR OBJECTS IN REQUESTS/TASKS application to find the transport request for a particular object.


You can choose from predefined object types or select an other objects type using search help, if you made changes in customizing and don’t know which object is used in IMG Activity, you can search by selecting relevant IMG Activity.

Let’s consider an example to show how you can use this tool, Suppose that you want to see transport request of all changes in the contents of table ZAG_TEST, select R3TR TABU ZAG_TEST in object selection part of the SEARCH FOR OBJECTS IN REQUESTS/TASK SCREEN.


When you execute the report, the results are displayed on following figure below.


You can use other options on the selection screen to filter the results,you can search the transport request for all types of object in ABAP Workbench.

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