It is easy job to add select-option in ABAP Selection-Screen, but to add select-options in module pool or dialog program screen you can’t do it like you do in selection-screen. but in this article we will try to show you to add select-options in dialog program screen. There are two method to add select-options in ABAP Dynpro screen.

1.Using Subscreen to add select-options in ABAP Dynpro screen.

Create ABAP Program, and then write SELECTION-SCREEN to create SCREEN AS SUBSCREEN. This screen will be called by ABAP Module pool later.

Create ABAP Dynpro screen and Go to Layout screen then add Subscreen, input SUB1 as the name of subscreen component .


In PBO and PAI write ABAP Code to call subscreen on selection-screen that you’ve write before.

Then you will see the result like this picture.


2. Using function module COMPLEX_SELECTIONS_DIALOG

You can use COMPLEX_SELECTIONS_DIALOG to create select-options in ABAP Dynpro screen.  First you need to create 2 separate field in ABAP Dynpro screen, one for low value and one for high value. For this sample we will create SELECT-OPTIONS with NO-INTERVAL.


Create one field with the name GV_MATNR and one button with Function Code BTN1.

Create sub routine FM_GET_RANGE to run COMPLEX_SELECTION_DIALOG function module.

In ABAP Program write this ABAP Code.

ABAP Code in Module GET_FIELD in PAI .

You can see the result like this picture below.


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