This article intended to your business process when you have vendor with approved quality system you can configure the system to skip checking its material for quality upon receipt.

Vendor will provide a quality product but often a company will want to test a quality using its own quality procedures. However on occasion the vendor will use quality systems that are more advanced than its customers and therefore eliminate the need for customer to perform quality testing upon goods receipt.

I will tell you how to configure the system to skip goods receipt inspections, depending on whether the testing can be skipped on all materials from a vendor or just selected materials.

How to configure it

Please ensure before procedding this manual that your vendor quality system has been noted in the material master record.

  1. Skip Inspection for a Vendor

You can use SAP Transaction MM02 or this SAP Menu path

SAP->Logistics->Materials Management->Material Master->Material Change(Immediately)

After you enter material number in initial screen, select the QUALITY MANAGEMENT view and then enter the specific plant, Alternatively you can enter the vendor quality system into the TARGET QM SYSTEM field, those values you can enter from your configuration already.


After you’ve compeleted maintain TARGET QM System for Material Master Data, the next step is to ensure the vendor quality system has been entered into vendor master record, to do that use XK02 SAP transaction. You need entered vendor number, purchasing organization and check the Control field.


After you’ve entered all the required input on initial screen, the next screen will shown and you need to entered date in the QM System to.


2. Skipping Inspection for specific combination

You can skip inspections for specific combination of material, vendor and plant using Quality Info Record. to change quality info record use QI02 SAP Transaction.


On the initial screen enter material, Vendor and Plant. On the next screen select the INSPECTION CONTROL tab, enter the vendor quality system in the EXISTING QM SYS field and the certification validity date in the VALID TO field. In the INSPECTION CONTROL field, determine whether the inspection is to be skipped.


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