BTE Process 1120 allows you to implement ABAP Programming substitution logic, Unlike standard validation or substitution. Using BTE Process 1120 all substitutable fields are passed in these dictionary structure.

  1. BKDF_SUBST for recurring documents.
  2. BKPF_SUBST for FI document header fields.
  3. BSEG_SUBST for document line-item fields.

Assuming you are familiar using BTE, for example business case we will use this BTE Process 1120 to fill BSEG-ZUONR field ( Assignment No ).

You can read Checking Line Item Level FI Transaction using BTE 1011 for complete step using BTE

Step By Step Procedure using BTE Process 1120

1.Go to BTE via FIBF tcode, Assuming you have created BTE Products in this sample we create ZPPENH for product..


2.Go to SE37 and copy SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001120 function module to ZFM_FIBTE_00001120. Below is full source code in my project for sample.

3.Back to FIBF tcode and go to menu Setting->Process Modules->..of a customers and create new entries and entered your ZFM_FIBTE_00001120 function module.


So if you want to more understand about SAP FI Enhancement, I Highly recomended that you check out SAP FI Enhancement Tutorial completed


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