What is the structure in ABAP Dictionary

A structure or structure type consists of fields or component, A component can refer to a built-in type, elementary type, reference type or complex type. A component of the structure can refer to a data element, another structure or table type. Structure can be define globally in ABAP Dictionary or locally in ABAP Program.

Types of structures in ABAP Dictionary

Structures can be categorize as.

  1. Flat Structures.

A flat structure is a structure that refers only to an elementary type or reference type. It do not refer to other structure or table type.

  1. Nested Structures.

A Nested structure is a structure that refers at least to one other structure but do not refer to table type.

  1. Deep Structures

A Deep structure is a structure is refer to at least one other table type

You can see the following picture to make you to easy to understanding.

This tutorial consist of 3 part to explain each of structure type.

  1. How to create Flat Structure in ABAP Dictionary.
  2. How to create Nested Structure in ABAP Dictionary.
  3. How to create Deep Structure in ABAP Dictionary.

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