If you want to turn off MS Word editor Smartform in SAP HANA, You can’t change this setting in SAP HANA because SAP set to default and cannot change even you change using program rscpseteditor. but i have the solution. You need to create enhancement implementation in class CL_COS_UTILITIES on method IS_S4H.

Please write this following ABAP code in the enhancement implementation.

  RV_IS_S4H = abap_false.

After you activate that enhancement then you just can use RSCPSETEDITOR to turn off MS Word.


Possible error csapeditorCtrl::Getobject object 36 does not exist , this error occured when you use SAPGui 740 Patch level 5. the solution you need to download SAPSCRIPT LEGACY TEXT EDITOR from SAP Software Download Center then install it on your computer.

Possibly this issue is resolved with Note OSS 2221815_2221815 – SAPscript Legacy Text Editor controls are not packed in SAP Windows GUI Installation

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