You have known is ABAP Web service can generate or create from Function Module, but in this article we don’t explain the procedure to create ABAP Web Service. Supposed you have created An ABAP Web services from the function module but next day we take new requirement of business process and you need to modify your function module and make all changing reflected to your Enterprise Service.

For example we need to change field NAME3 to NAME4 in  structure ZTS_EDURV in ZFM_DUR_VENDOR_DATA function module.

Here is the Solution

  1. After you change NAME3 to NAME4 field in ZFM_DUR_VENDOR_DATA function module then go to SE80 -> Select Package and choose your package.
  2. Scroll Down and expand the Enterprise Services node and Service Definitions.


To reflected your changing, press Change button toolbar and then press check button toolbar, press SAVE and new popup screen dialog confirmation message will show, it is tell you SAP System found inconsistent in your Enterprise Service. This is because you have changed Function Module it’s only information not error, and finally you need to Activate and you successful to update Enterprise Service.

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