You can use the analytic index as a data provider with data saved in SAP HANA database for quick and flexible reporting and prototyping on which you can also build queries.

One requirement SAP Netweaver BW users is to create quick prototypes of data and develop ad hoc reporting purposes, BW Modelling requires a lot of effort making it difficult to develop prototyping scenarios.

You can use the analytic index to perform rapid prototyping and create ad hoc scenarios for SAP Netweaver BW using SAP HANA or SAP BWA, and Here the step.

1. Go to transaction RSANWB and create analytic process by right clicking on GENERAL and select CREATE ANALYSIS PROCESS.

2. In the SOURCE FILE popup screen go to DATA SOURCE tab and choose to read from a flat file and select the DATA TARGET as ANALYTIC INDEX.

3. The ALAYTICAL INDEX DATA TARGET popup screen will show where you can enter the index ID and click CREATE button.


4. In this step you can choose dimensions and key figure or the SAP BW System will populate dimensions and key figures if it appropriate InfoObjects. After you click ACTIVATE and click BACK the next screen will show


5. ACTIVATE the APD and Execute APD to load data from flat file into the Analytic Index. And you can use Analytic Index in BEx Query Designer as an Infoprovider.

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