External Services Management is in its broadest sense an enhancement to the typical purchase order to order services, to be rendered in the form of services and to enter and accept services rendered in a service entry sheet. There are numerous enhancements in SAP External Services Management. However, most only offer limited scope and functionality and seldom require comprehensive descriptions.

In this article we will try to explain most of enhancement in SAP External Services Management which we often use them.

  1. Prepopulating Account Assignment for Services Lines – Enhancement.

When services lines from assigned purchasing documents are entered, the standard dialog window will be displayed, you need to enter an account assignment, If you have business requirement to assign specified account assignment to service lines you can use this user exit EXIT_SAPLMLSK_001 from the enhancement SRVESKN, if you use this user exit, the standard dialog windows no longer shown.



You can implement SRVESKN user exit via transaction CMOD. You need to input Project Name first and then press Create button.



Please input Short Text and press toolbar button Enhancement Assignments, and new screen will show. in this screen input the name of user exit SRVESKN.



Please save and then press Components button toolbar, then the new screen will display Function Exit ( EXIT_SAPLMLSK_001 ) .



Double click function exit name. and create include ZXMLUU20 , this is include is for your ABAP Code.

Example Code :

You also have access to the service line itself in structure I_ESLL, I_ESLL-VRTKZ field contains the distribution indicator. If a multiple account assignment is preset. You can define the settings for the account assignment screen in the SPRO.

  1. Input Check of the service Lines.

You can carry out input check when service lines are entered. There is also the alternative to prepopulate individual fields of service lines or overwrite these with a fixed value.

The Enhancement SRVESLL consists of two user exit that are called at different times.


This exit runs before the standard checks are carried out


This exit runs after all the standard checks are carried out

You can use EXIT_SAPLMLSP_30 to prepopulate the fields of the service line, for example we need to populate field USERF1_TXT. If you want to create implementation of this user exit you can follow the way we mention before.

You can use input check in EXIT_SAPLMLSP_031 to carry out custom input check because it will only run after the standard checks are called.

In this example we need to check USERF2_TXT that emtpy values are not allowed and error message will be shown.

  1. Prepopulating Header Data in SAP External Service – SAP Enhancement.

When you create a new data via ML81N transaction code, some header data must first be filled out before the services can be entered or copied from service purchase orders.

You can use enhancement SRVESSR ( EXIT_SAPLMLSR_010 ) , for the example we need to prepopulate ESSR-TXZ01 .

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