The configuration for the valuation and account assignment aren’t part of SAP MM, but this enhancement commonly used. This enhancement used to control the GR/IR Account ( Clearing Account between Goods Receipts and invoice receipts ).

The GR/IR clearing account is posted to purchase order upon goods receipt and it is will be credited after posting the incoming invoice transaction. You may want to use different GR/IR account to specific requirement, for example you might want to manage custom GR/IR account for each of your purchasing organization to create differentiated evaluations.

You can use enhancement LMR1M002 through you can set account modification constant for transaction key WRX. this user exit is called one the GR Posting and incoming invoice for each purchase order item and you can have different GR/IR Account within one document.

Before you implement LMR1M002 enhancement you need to set up configuration of account determination using SPRO Transaction code.

IMG->Material Management->Valuation and Account Assignment->Account Determination->Account Determination Without Wizard

  1. Go to Configure Automatic Postings


After you go to Configure Automatic Postings, scroll down and double click on line of Transaction WRX


After you have double click on the respective line, the new screen will shown.


Click on Rules toolbar button, and check General Modification, and the new screen will shown, in this screen you can configure Clearing account for each of Valuation Area / Purchasing Organization.


After you’ve finished setting up Account on that screen. then you can implement the enhancement to override the account determination in the user exit.

  1. Go to CMOD transaction code and create a project for example ZMMRIM01.
  2. Assign the enhancement LMR1M002 to this project.
  3. Now you can put your code in the EXIT_SAPLKONT_011, and overwrite account modification with your value and activate your project.

Sample Code.

If you perform a posting on purchasing organization 1000 the ASN Account modification will be used and purchasing organization 0001 will used 999 Account Modification, and the others will clear E_KONTO_MODIF this means the SAP System will used the standard account.

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