Q : Hi ABAPGURUS , My client want to validate Payment Terms ( VBKD-ZTERM ) when create Sales Order in SAP Sales and Distribution, What is Enhancement that allowed me to use to solve my problem ?

A: Ok i’ll try to answer your question, for your problem you can implemented user exit in ABAP Include MV45AFZZ. These are the steps to implement MV45AFZZ include exit.


You can to validate Payment Terms ( VBKD-ZTERM ) by implementing include exit MV45AFZZ in exit USER_EXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD. This user exit is called as part of the population of structure VBKD.

1.Go to SE38 and entered MV45ATOP , you must declare Global variable in this include, and enable the enhancement mode by clicking on ENHANCEMENT button. Position the cursor on the enhancement statement in the code right-click and select Enhancement Operations->Create Implementation.

2.Enter the name Enhancement Implementation and give it a description in the short text field


Finally, activate the enhancement. then see the result – SAP ABAP Tutorial.

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