What is XLWB Workbench.

Someday my functionality team ask me to create complicated excel report in SAP, we know SAP Technology have number tools and library about Excel, for example : OLE Library, BDS. etc. I think all of tools from SAP Standard is too much coding line has to write to __ bulky code lines habit and consume much time to developed it.

After spending some times browsing SDN SAP, I found a XLWB Workbench, i think it is ever best tool has created for displaying /exporting SAP data to Excel Format, this is new tool for design an excel forms in SAP Environment. it is very easy to learn, it is looks like developing form using SMARTFORMS.

Despite the ease of use, actually XLSX Workbench is very powerfull tool to create simple form or complicated form, with picture and hierarchy form.

I will share some screenshot XLWB Workbench.


This is front display XLWB Tools, we see some button and input Form name, in this tool we can import our Excel Report Template File ( *.XLSX / *.XLS ) to SAP, after import we can supply our SAP data to Excel template uploaded, very easy, we just request Excel Template to user and then upload it rather we code Excel Template by Excel Library Tools SAP Standard. after uploaded excel template finished, then you can continue to Edit your template using XLWB Workbench Template.


Screen above is appeared when you click Edit button on your uploaded excel template, in this screen you can mapping some field in any structure ( SE11 ) on cell/row excel__ that’s mean you must create a your own structure.

In XLWB Workbench provide some component you can put on your excel template depends on your requirement. these are some components.


Therefore this tools is amazing to developed complex excel report, you can see Tree , this component could create dynamic excel report like ALV Tree and Loop component similar Smartforms Loop , and Grid component if you want to display your internal table data to Excel Report.

Installation XLWB Workbench

You can install XLWB Workbench using SAPLink Utility  you can use this nugget to import required object to your SAP System.

How to Display Your Excel Report

Displaying your Excel report using XLWB Workbench is very easy, if you familiar with Smartforms. you just call ZXWLB_CALLFORM function module and passing your data in structure which you have mapped  on XLWB Workbench earlier.

In this ZXWLB_CALLFORM already available 3 button ( Send Email, Save to File and Print out ) so you don’t need mendling ABAP Code just to provide these function.


I hope this article could help you develop ABAP Program to display Excel Report.

For complete Tutorial you can go to this link

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